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About Us

About Us

Detail Dog is a Mobile Dog Grooming Service that provides fully mobile dog grooming services to all dogs throughout the Los Angeles area. Detail Dog arrives at your doorstep with a mobile dog grooming Van that is fully equipped with a warm water bath, hand blow dryer, and safe cage-free environment to make your dog feel relaxed and comfortable. Detail Dog can bathe and groom all dogs of any shape, size, and breed. Detail Dog’s groomers also have extensive experience grooming older dogs, Dogs with Arthritis, and/or Dogs who have mobility issues from illness, injury, surgery, and/or old age.

Detail Dog’s groomers are are fully certified in Los Angeles and have 3 beloved dogs of their own. Not only do they have vast experience, but they have a passion for their work. Both are experts in all types of breeds, but they also have vast experience grooming dogs with special needs.

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*DETAIL DOG donates a percentage of your Grooming Fees to StartRescue Resale Store in Sherman Oaks, CA


Why Go Mobile?

No Cages

You dog will spend zero time waiting in a small cage for their turn.

Close to Home

With mobile grooming your dog is never far away from home.

Know your Groomer

Know the person who is handling your dog and meet your groomer in person!

Save Time

Save valuable time by eliminating any travel and transport effort.